Air, light and grandeur of a princely dwelling: Villa Virginia rises along the ancient Lolli street (today Via Dante) and is an example of the most refined works of the Palermo liberty period.

The building, dating back to the early twentieth century, was built by architect Filippo La Porta in 1908 and commissioned by Vincenzo Caruso and Virginia. Caruso’s family was for many decades administrator of the Florio patrimony.
It is located next to the greenery of Villa Malfitano and part of its façade overlooks the garden.​

Upon entering you will immediately find yourself immersed in the early 1900s, thanks to the grandeur of the staircase that leads to the first floor, to the magnificent canvas painted by Otama Kihohara, thanks to the coffered ceiling, and to the polychrome glass windows by Pietro Belvilacqua that give majesty to this villa that brings back to the Florio period. 

Everything has been restored trying to preserve the elements, the furnishings and the original structure as much as possible, even the color of the walls has been recreated as the original. 

Since the very beginning, by staying at Villa Virginia guests will be immersed in a unique experience, which will take them back to Belle Epoque and to the ancient splendor of the era.

On the left, a rare Franca Florio photo taken by Ghitta Carrell in 1932, on the right Vincenzo Caruso and Virginia Ferraro at Villa Virginia

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An article written by Maria Cristina Castellucci

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